About the Council

The Prosperity Council of Waterloo Region is a federation formed to collectively create an environment that supports opportunities for prosperity in Waterloo Region. The Council is comprised of representatives of its founding partners: the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, and Communitech and the Waterloo Economic Development Corporation.

The Council holds itself accountable, and functions without a formal structure. Members include the representatives from the partner organizations and is chaired by an individual from the business sector who is a third party to the partner organizations.  Meetings take place at the discretion of the Chair.

The Prosperity Council is committed to positioning Waterloo Region as the region of choice for new investment and talent. Prosperity, for the purposes of this Council, involves initiatives and policies that support talent attraction and wealth creation, supporting the objectives of enhancing our standard of living and overall quality of life.

Taking a “Made In Waterloo” approach, the Council’s philosophy is that business-driven leadership, together with mission-focused partnerships, are essential in making our economy the best it can be. This includes partnerships among the business community and governments, the health sector, post-secondary education and other sectors.

This model requires the business community to take the lead in challenging itself and the broader community to develop the right attitudes, motivations, support structures and partnerships to create a climate that drives innovation, inspires entrepreneurship, attracts talented people and welcomes investment to our region.

Building on its core values and beliefs, the Council presented its inaugural Prosperity Forum in 2003 and collectively committed to raising the ambition of the community by encouraging initiatives that support five key directions. As identified in the Council’s Good to Great Agenda, these priorities include:

  1. Build a collaborative vision based on the Prosperity model (strategy, tactics and measures) for the region
  2. Brand and market this region as one successful area for business, arts and lifestyle
  3. Enhance regional health institutions with state-of-the-art facilities to attract and keep physicians and build expertise
  4. Strengthen local post-secondary institutions in size, quality, and impact to attract and keep highly talented people
  5. Create and fund a regional arts and culture development and promotion body

At the Prosperity Forum, the Council committed to holding itself collectively accountable for the tangible directions required over the next decade to ensure prosperity for Waterloo Region.