Council Initiatives

Born from the Prosperity Council agenda in 2003, Creative Enterprise Initiative (CEI) was introduced to address priority #5, with an agenda to help build a robust arts and culture scene and introduce some big bold creative projects that would help the world imagine Waterloo Region as one of the most appealing places in the world.  Over a decade later, much progress has been achieved on the priorities. After significant time spent on priority #5, it was determined in 2015 that the work of strengthening, supporting and developing arts and culture in Waterloo Region belongs to the municipal and regional governments, and to the arts sector themselves.

Work continues on priority #2, including supporting the creation of Waterloo Economic Development Corporation and its new brand identity “Waterloo EDC – Inventing the Future”, whose main objective is to increase community awareness of our region in the minds of international company decision makers, site selectors and other key investment intermediaries to locate here.

Since inception CEI was tasked to develop strategies to help make Waterloo Region a vibrant, more attractive place to entice investment and talent.  Toward this end, the Creative Intersections Plan has been developed with a goal to help address the region’s talent attraction challenges, and also to facilitate an opportunity to shine a spotlight on Waterloo Region’s innovative landscape. The Plan aligns with the work of Waterloo EDC as well as the Prosperity Council’s ambition to position Waterloo Region as the region of choice for new investment and talent, helping to  inform, inspire and provide a roadmap to encourage and contribute to building an attractive personality and environment for Waterloo Region

In a nutshell, the Creative Intersections Strategy encourages technology, creative content and infrastructure to interplay in fun, innovative and interesting ways in permanent installations across the region, making them memorable locations and destinations that include elements of design, on a large scale and proportion to complement the placemaking work of the municipalities.  It proposes that building physically attractive surroundings and providing unique leisure opportunities that appeal to the mobile work force who can live anywhere in the world is one way to address the region’s challenges around how we attract and keep people interested in living, working and investing in Waterloo Region.

Other Prosperity Council initiatives include:

Barnraisers Council

Created in 2009 with inspiration coming from current Governor General David Johnston as a way to identify strategic issues and recommend possible responses that will continue the implementation of the Prosperity vision, including those related to continued enhancements to health care, education, and other sectors.

Passport to Success

Passport to Success is an annual gathering hosted by the Prosperity Council partners for prospective businesses and individuals who are interested in locating to Waterloo Region or to invest in businesses already established in our community.