Creative Intersections

How the Creative Intersections Plan supports the Prosperity Council’s priorities

Born from the Prosperity Council agenda in 2003, Creative Enterprise Initiative (CEI) was introduced to address the Good to Great priority #5, with an agenda to help build a robust arts and culture scene and introduce some big bold creative projects that would help the world imagine Waterloo Region as one of the most appealing places in the world.  After significant time spent on priority #5, it was determined in 2015 that the work of strengthening, supporting and developing arts and culture in Waterloo Region belongs to the municipal and regional governments, and to the arts sector themselves.

CEI has developed the Creative Intersections Plan with a goal to help address the region’s talent attraction challenges, and also to facilitate an opportunity to shine a spotlight on Waterloo Region’s innovative landscape. The Plan aligns with the work of Waterloo EDC as well as the Prosperity Council’s ambition to position Waterloo Region as the region of choice for new investment and talent.

Using the Plan, as well as the Gaslight District pilot project to point to success, the Prosperity Council can be a catalyst to inspiring others toward building our region into the desired community that we strive toward being.  Representing over 3700 businesses in Waterloo Region, the Prosperity Council has a vast group of stakeholders at the ready, who have a vested economic interest in the impact of an engaged and highly motivated workforce.

For these reasons, the Prosperity Council is the ideal facilitator for the Plan, and the CEI Board of Directors recommends transferring the Creative Intersections Plan to the Council for continued stewardship and oversight.

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